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This Was The Moment

posted on: Friday, September 13th, 2013

I dreamt about this moment for years. I had envisioned it, acted it out in my mind; some may even argue that one of the reasons I accepted the job, was to have THE MOMENT. So, a few days ago when my dear Commander turned on Cooking With Elmo (a little video I did with Sesame Street a few years ago), I knew ‘the moment’ had arrived. I sat ready, poised; a tear perched in my right eye, waiting for the perfect moment to fall to my smiling cheek. My scene came on, I proudly straightened myself in my seat next to him, and there I appeared…on the screen in front of him…with THE puppet himself, ELMO.
No reaction!

I twitched.
So, the conversation followed:


Me: Sweetie, who’s that?
The Commander: That’s the Pocket Queen (that’s true, they call me the Pocket Queen in the show).
Me: Yes, but WHO is it (pushing my face a little closer to his)?
The Commander: Mama, it’s the Pocket Queen!
Me: Yes, but it’s me (now making sure he can see both the POCKET QUEEN and me – – to see the resemblance, of course)!
The Commander: (exasperated, as if I was disturbing him…) No, it’s not, Mama! It’s the POCKET QUEEN!!
Me: (now getting a little – – well, a lot more perturbed, and slightly raising my voice) NOOOO! It’s ME…!!!!
The Commander: Mama, stop it! That’s somebody else’s Mama. Not YOU! Now stop, I watching the movie!


I tried again 20 minutes later – – and 20 minutes after that, to no avail.
Well, another moment down the drain…. I guess I’ll have to do a movie with The Commander, Elmo and...ME??Jake and The NeverLand Pirates or become an asparagus in “VeggieTales…maybe I’ll get my moment then.
:-) ‘Love him!

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