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The Queen and I?

posted on: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Dear Friends,
 I hope that you’re all well and enjoying the Fall. I can’t believe that time is racing by so quickly. It’s already been two months since I set my bags down in London, and I still find myself in shock when I drive around town. Every now and then I find myself asking ‘when did they build this palace in Chicago…’only to remember I’m in LONDON...and that’s the Queen’s house. She still hasn’t invited me in yet…hmmm! But, I’ll have a chance to ask why next week when I meet her….
Yep! I thought I’d tell you all first before I spill the beans to everyone else.
On November 19th, I’ve been asked to sing at The Royal Albert Hall for the Royal Variety Performance For the Queen’s 100th Jubilee Concert.  I get to share the stage with some pretty amazing performers including: Alicia Keys, my friend, Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo and a few more…. It’s quite an honor to be a part of the evening, and to sing for the Queen and her family. So, keep me in your prayers; after a week of being mommy, navigating life and singing through some vocally tough performances, I’m going to need them.  
I find myself amazed that God thinks that an ordinary girl  like me, dressed in His strength is capable of doing extraordinary things…like sing for Prime Ministers, and dignitaries, and Presidents, and YOU, and now…a Queen!
But I’ve sung for THE KING, so, singing for the Queen should be just fine…right?!
Still keep me in your prayers though….

3 responses to “The Queen and I?”

  1. Nerissa says:

    YEAH Heather! You got this and God’s got you. Pray in the Holy Ghost as often as you can. Helps with peace and just empowers you to deliver.

  2. you are bless by God and he will cover u and protect u and yr voice so dont worry too much says:

    you are bless by God and he will cover u and protect u and yr voice so dont worry too much

  3. Jennifer says:

    So proud of you. You are being prayed for and may you continue to shine and bless the world. Make T&T proud again and again.

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