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Thank YOU!

posted on: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

You! YOU! (said with my best Deniro imitation)

Thank you for making our first day out there quite exciting!


…I was working on the CD when I was offered The Bodyguard. As I was plotting out what the next year would look like,I remember thinking that the “right” thing to do would be to put everything on hold, and release the CD when I was finished with the show and back in the US.  That would be the easiest, and most normal and conventional way to do it…


Enter My Husband!  After listening to some of the songs in his car (I don’t know how he gets and keeps them all, but he always has a bootleg of every song and demo I do), he called me and said; “I don’t think you should make people wait for two years without any music from you.” “Furthermore,” he said, “I think these songs are good, you should share!” So, after quite a bit of discussion with my amazing team, we decided to do this the unconventional, un-normal, un-easy way…just for YOU!
I knew the challenges would be stacked high: I’m working on The Bodyguard in a different country, and I can’t be there to do the ‘legwork’ baby albums like this need.  But, I really wanted to do this for you all…and I thought that if Mama can’t be around, there aren’t better hands to leave this ‘baby’ in, than the hands of its godmothers and godfathers: YOU!


So, thank you for getting the word out there…thanks for supporting it, and thanks for telling the world about it. PLEASE KEEP DOING SO! I’d love to show the world, that with the right “godparents,” the right team, the right music, and a BIG God – – all things are possible…even promoting an album from a far away land;).
Your love and support are appreciated – – from the depths of my heart.
Heather Headley…

The Only One In The World!

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  1. So… Your husband is the one we should all send muffin baskets to? Well, thank you! Thank you for putting the album out there despite all the geographical hurdles. You know what, you make us all feel like “We are the only ones in the world”!

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