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On To The Second Act

posted on: Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Today we put together the first half of the second act.  It’s coming together…already…and very beautifully! I haven’t learned the choreography for “I’m Every Woman” yet (that pain comes tomorrow), so, today, I sat out and watched the cast, and my alternate do the number.  It’s so amazing to watch these beautiful people; everyone is working so hard, putting so much into every move, every line…I know you’ll feel the passion and commitment when you walk into that theater. Everyday, I’m trying to sing at least 5-6 songs so my voice gets used to the stress of all the shows and all the songs! Today, I did the ballads! They are killer: amazing killer songs, and killers to sing!  But I’m getting my stamina up, and figuring out the nuances of each of them…. Speaking of songs…sooooo, what are your favorite songs on Only One In The World? What song(s) do I HAVE to do in my live show (or else you’ll leave)?
What I learned today:
1. I can rest easy knowing you’ll be in great hands with my alternate, Gloria – – yes I’ll still show up for work…maybe
:)!  Joking! Joking!
2. Crème fraîche may sound like “cream” but you shouldn’t put that in coffee! Trust us on this! MD wasn’t happy!
3. This was my favorite: In the tube (train) the automated lady said: “For Hampstead, please ALIGHT at the next stop….” ALIGHT?!  In some other countries (namely mine), the term is “GET OFF!”

Off to bed for me…guess who’s coming to dinner tomorrow…MY HUBBY! YAY!
So, Night, night!

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  1. Nerissa says:

    How does the alternate work? Only if you get ill or you both take turns?
    Glad your hubby is coming.

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