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My “God Story”

posted on: Friday, June 15th, 2012

So, here is my confession: I DID NOT want to get on a plane and fly ANYWHERE this week.  NOPE!  Anyhow, I landed in Bilund, and was driven through the beautiful Danish countryside to Herning.  As I was in the car, God gently opened my eyes, and allowed me a tiny peek into His “video diaries” of my life.  A quick “Heather, wake-up moment!” I need those from time to time.  But, it’s crazy when I think about it…How does a little skinny-legged girl from Barataria, Trinidad end up singing in a sold-out arena with Andrea Bocelli in Herning, Denmark?! How does that happen? I’ll tell ya’! It’s called a God Story! I couldn’t write this script better myself; I’m incapable of doing it!
So, today…today as I board this plane to Malmo, Sweden, I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY to be here!  Grateful for this AMAZING journey that I’ve been on – – all undeserved! So thankful for this gift (the loan, I call it) that I have been placed steward over; I hope that I make God proud with it.  And I’m really honored and excited for a chance to share it and serve these beautiful people over the few nights that I’m here!
and Thanks God, for an AMAZING ride – – I’m excited and (hopefully) ready to see where the next turn takes me! I’m holding on…..

7 responses to “My “God Story””

  1. Dawn says:

    WE LOVE YOU HEATHER!! Come back to us (new music) SOON!!!

  2. Rikke Staal says:

    Heather, you were amazing yesterday…..did you notice that after you and Andrea Bocelli sang together – people stood up………..You and him made the concert the amazing and incredible event it was…….it was the highligt – thank you :) – Gods story – your story :)

  3. Michael says:

    Dear “skinny-legged girl from Barataria”,
    I heard and saw you yesterday in Herning, sitting in the orchestra behind you playing trombone. I can say that I have never heard such amazingly strong, and at the same time touching signing before. While you were singing it was really hard for me to read my music because I could simply not take my eyes of the big screen staring at the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
    You are all together breathtaking and writing this from the hotel in Malmö, I cant wait to hear and see you again on stage tomorrow.

  4. Christin says:

    Hi Heather
    Me and my husband, was two of several thousand in Malmö that saw you together with Andrea Bocelli. It was amazing!!
    Your voices together, and seeing the warmth between you…it was like heaven!!
    So thank you for coming to Sweden and getting us the opportunity to meet you!
    Love from Christin and Anders to both of you

  5. Joan Ahlers Pedersen says:

    I was there, heard you and was breathtaken. Your voice is so beautiful, thank you for this experience.
    Hopefully I have the oportunity to see/listen to you again.
    Best wishes

  6. Steve & Sue Francis says:

    Just booked my tickets to see you in The Bodyguard at the Adelphi Theatre, London on 12th November (our wedding anniversary!) so can’t wait to see you and the show. You’re awesome and my wife and I are so excited about the live performance. How’s the preparation going?

    Very Best Wishes until then

    Steve and Sue Francis

  7. Hillary says:

    Heather, my husband, Guy, and I saw you with Andrea Bocelli last December in TAMPA, Florida. We were absolutely floored by the blending of yours and Mr. Bocelli’s voices. I think that beauty glorifies God!

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