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March on Washington…

posted on: Thursday, August 29th, 2013

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your sweet words. I’m always so touched to know that you would take the time to post a few words about something I’ve done. So, I thank you all. 

What a day to commemorate! As I was going over it all in my head, choosing the memories to stamp into my mind, I kept seeing the tens of thousands of people sitting there…in the rain…waiting to hear these speakers and performers.  And then, I think I saw myself in a perfectly ironed 60s dress, with a cute, tightly pressed and roller-ed hairstyle, my dark sunglasses perched on my face, waiting to hear Dr. King! I hope I would have been there.  My sister-in-love said something so amazing to me last night. She had been watching documentaries about the March and re-researching it, and was struck by the way they got it all together. There was no social media!  The organizers then didn’t have Facebook or Twitter; they didn’t send out mass email to get everyone to Washington. They didn’t have an abundance of airlines, bus comfy bus coaches, and SUVs to race them to the city. They told each other, called each other, immobilized, car-pooled, took uncomfortable bus and train rides, walked if they had to, so they could make their voices heard in Washington, in the world, and in history…and 50 years later, they allowed me to climb those hallowed stairs, and stand on the backs of their sacrifices. 

My sister-in-love said to me, “Heath, I think I would have been there…(a moment of silence) I WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! I hope I would have gotten on the bus too, and marched side by side with her.

Congrats America!  Even though we still have work to do – – A dream was dreamt…and I’m proud and grateful to be living it!

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