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Life Is A Box Of…

posted on: Friday, February 15th, 2013

So, I walked into this chocolate shop here in London to get a little box of goodies for the Commander to give to his valentine (don’t worry: she’s much older and will be married and into her 50s by the time he hits 25). Anyhow, before I pulled out my credit card, I did my normal question/statement to the clerk: “So…your chocolate is amazing…right?!” The very well dressed English gentleman looked at me, smiled, and then gave me a short history on the shop. It was the oldest chocolatier in England; only the best and most pure ingredients were used in this chocolate…this, that, blah, blah (roll my eyes)… but then the kicker came: “The Queen has endorsed our chocolate.” He then showed me a letter from the Palace proudly displayed above the counter.  ‘Nuff said! He offered me a truffle, but I didn’t need to taste it – – “give it to me! I’ll take a box!” I said. The Queen thinks it’s good – – that’s enough for me!

I did laugh to myself as I left the shop. Whether Her Royal Highness has even tasted the chocolate – – who knows – – but her “endorsement” got money out of me…quickly! The seal of approval was all I needed.

It got me thinking….

  • God, The KING Himself, has a seal over my head and will gladly tell the world that I am His
  • He thinks I’m His little girl (even when I don’t behave like I am)
  • The King loves me (even when I don’t deserve it)

So, why isn’t that good enough for me at times? Why can’t I always leave the Shop of Life, with its box of chocolates, and think…it is well and I’m okay; HE loves me and thinks I’m great, so all is well?

Why can’t I extend that same gift to others at times?

He says we’re His! We belong to a King. And He endorsed, and continues to show His love for us with much more…a whole lot more than a quick “taste” and a letter.

So, we’re good enough, we’re beautiful (we’re definitely eons better than the world’s best chocolate:-)), we’re loved, we’re HIS!

And I’m going to treat myself…and you as such;-).

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  1. Tekia says:

    That’s so true. There are those times when it seems as though God’s seal of approval and belonging to HIM isn’t good enough. I think it’s because in those instances we think there’s something we have to do to win HIS approval or that we have to do something to earn HIS love, grace, mercy and the title of being The King’s kid (even though there’s nothing we can do to earn it. HE gives it to us). And if we feel we aren’t doing enough to win HIM over, then we equate that with God’s feelings towards us which creates a notion contrary to what HE’s already told us about what HE thinks and feels toward us. We just have to remind ourselves of that. So I will definitely treat myself.

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