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Better Kid, Better Me!

posted on: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

So… I’m sitting here on my bed exasperated. For the past 30+ minutes, I’ve (unsuccessfully) tried to put our son down for his nap. I just walked out of his room, and he’s now throwing the biggest fit… ever. I find myself a little annoyed with everything around me, including God. The child did not sleep last night and screamed for almost an hour (I’m still not sure the “Cry-It-Out” Method works), before we surrendered and committed the ultimate parent sin (so they tell me) of letting him sleep with us – – again.

He’s drunk with sleep. He couldn’t keep his head up while I was in his room with him, but he will not submit. He hates sleep. So I ask: Is there no reprieve? I know God is busy with many more important things, but can’t He make a little boy GO TO SLEEP for his exhausted mother?

I think this is the hardest part of parenting: the lack of sleep. I found myself walking around the house praying out loud to God, asking Him to grant mercy and let the child go to sleep. But before I continue, however, I should make a confession: mine is a selfish prayer. They say the more a baby sleeps, the more he sleeps and the better the child is. And I want that for our son. But there’s also another saying (created by ME): the more a baby sleeps, the more his mother can sleep and the better she will be!

Wait! Could it be? Silence!? I think we did it. He’s out. Oh! I hope he still loves me when he wakes up. I hope God’s not too aggravated with me being a little aggravated with Him. I should end this. I’m hoping I have at least two hours to make myself a better person.

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