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Dear London…

posted on: Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Dear London –

The time has come, and I must now take my leave. 

Allow me to thank you for quite a ride over the last 11 months.  When I signed up to do The Bodyguard, I don’t think I was aware how intense the journey would be – – I would have brought sturdier seat belts with me if I had known – – but, as I head back over the pond to our home, I’m incredibly grateful.

Within these past few months, the good Lord has taught me quite a bit about myself. Everyday wasn’t easy.  I must be honest. There were days I walked down the streets wishing I could click my heels and go home. But my ruby red shoes never worked, and kept me planted. Which was a good thing because, I was forced to hold on to the only stable person I knew… and that was God, and He did pull me through and blessed with me with an amazing experience.  He stayed close to me throughout this journey, and I’m grateful. He’s taught me quite a bit about myself during my stay here.  Above all, I’ve been reminded that He loves me and has encircled me with family and friends who support and love me unconditionally… and across miles. I knew they loved me, but this time has shown me how blessed and lucky I am to call them family…friends.

I’ll fondly remember the amazing audiences I had the opportunity to share with at the Adelphi Theater. Your people have been so kind and encouraging to me…and I’ve added a few friends, and many sweet memories to my life. I’ll never forget those amazing and talented people I was honored to call castmates.  It was a joy to share the stage and this experience with them.

My little Commander has had the time of his life. He’s grown so much while he’s been a resident here.  I pray that he will always remember his time in London, even if the memories are scant. To recall all the places he’s visited, all the playgrounds he’s raced around, the gardens he’s trampled – – would take more time than I have. But I thank you for entertaining him so well while he was here. 

Our “house manager” has loved being here so much that she doesn’t want to go home. She has a special place in her heart for you, and I’m not sure that visits here alone will suffice.

My sweet husband (I’m so grateful for him) has flown here over 22 times. The sacrifice he has made to allow me to be here is extraordinary.

So, I leave you.  I thank you and your sweet people. I will always remember my time here, and I know I’ll see you again…. I’ll keep a few pounds on my oyster card in case it’s needed.

Until then, my sincere thanks.

I Will Always Love You…London….

Fare Thee Well.

Heather Headley 

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