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Crustaceans and Openings!

posted on: Monday, December 10th, 2012

What a week!

Last Sunday, our family walked through the door: my dear husband, my mom, my in-loves, and some family friends;  I was so excited to see them. All of a sudden, it felt as though Chicago just wasn’t that fa

r away.

I went out for dinner with the family and had a few crustaceans (which obviously should have stayed in the ocean, or wherever they came from). Within a few hours, I wasn’t feeling all that great and combined with the anxiety and nerves of opening week, I was a bit of a mess. For the two days leading up to opening night, and on the night itself, I couldn’t eat much.My stomach wouldn’t settle and there was little my doctor could do to help me. The worse part is that playing Rachel Marron is quite a carb workout, and doing it on an empty (or even half an empty stomach) is not ideal. But God is good. He gave me my daily bread and enough strength. He was…and is so near, and He got me through.


The Commander also had a wonderful opening day. I was so nervous for him. I thought my stomach would betray me, but I started crying instead! I couldn’t believe that he was sitting on that stage doing all the movements and singing at the top of his little lungs. I remember watching him and feeling such pride and love for him.  There I was sitting in that audience watching our little boy sing his heart out, and knowing this was the first of many times that I’d have to sit in the audience or the stands and watch HIM! ….And people! He is so cute to watch. Trust me! You can’t find cuter! 😉



We had a great opening night party, and it was so great to celebrate with my family, my cast, creative team and crew. What a ride this has been…for all of us! I’m so proud of everyone. These people have worked so hard to make this show great, and they’ve also held me in their hands as they did. They’ve cared for me and have been there for my family and me; I’m so appreciative. I think I underestimated how much it would all affect me. It’s been a while since I’ve had an “opening night” so the butterflies in my stomach were joined by eagles…and an ostrich! But I’m so grateful. So blessed. God is gracious, and I’m so humbled that He thinks me ready and right for a moment as this.
And while I’m here, indulge me for a moment: I have to thank my husband, Brian for his continued love and belief in me. It was Brian who said, ‘You have to go to London and do this show.’ It’s Brian who has sacrificed and given up time with his son and me so that this can become a reality. He’s the one who commutes back and forth and walks into an empty, quiet house back in the States. It’s because of him that I have the courage to walk on that stage and claim that I’m the Queen of any part of the day. It’s because of him that I look in the mirror and feel beautiful and incredibly loved. He’s all the man I’ll ever need, and I thank God for him!
If you have a chance to come to London, come by and see the show.


Open The Bodyguard: Check. Watch the Commander’s first performance: Check! Stomach back to normal: check!
Now, I get to enjoy London…at least I hope I’ll have time to.

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