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The Queen and I?

posted on: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Dear Friends,
 I hope that you’re all well and enjoying the Fall. I can’t believe that time is racing by so quickly. It’s already been two months since I set my bags down in London, and I still find myself in shock when I drive around town. Every now and then I find myself asking ‘when did they build this palace in Chicago…’only to remember I’m in LONDON...and that’s the Queen’s house. She still hasn’t invited me in yet…hmmm! But, I’ll have a chance to ask why next week when I meet her….
Yep! I thought I’d tell you all first before I spill the beans to everyone else.
On November 19th, I’ve been asked to sing at The Royal Albert Hall for the Royal Variety Performance For the Queen’s 100th Jubilee Concert.  I get to share the stage with some pretty amazing performers including: Alicia Keys, my friend, Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo and a few more…. It’s quite an honor to be a part of the evening, and to sing for the Queen and her family. So, keep me in your prayers; after a week of being mommy, navigating life and singing through some vocally tough performances, I’m going to need them.  
I find myself amazed that God thinks that an ordinary girl  like me, dressed in His strength is capable of doing extraordinary things…like sing for Prime Ministers, and dignitaries, and Presidents, and YOU, and now…a Queen!
But I’ve sung for THE KING, so, singing for the Queen should be just fine…right?!
Still keep me in your prayers though….


posted on: Monday, October 15th, 2012

I had the great pleasure to go to Capri for the weekend with my hubby. CAPRI! I’ve always heard that it was one of the most beautiful places, and they didn’t lie! I told Brian that I thought God may have started creation right there (after He went toTrinidad, of course…)!  It is beautiful. the weekend began with rain, but even in the rain the island was glorious. Even more than that… the people were so caring and sweet; all they wanted was to ensure that we had the best experience on their island. They’re so proud of it, and they should be!


We were entrusted into the care of the sweetest couple, who were kind enough to take time out of their Sunday to show us around the island.  We went into museums, stood at the edge of cliffs, visited the monastery, walked into the most beautiful little church, and got access to a room with the most spectacular paintings. With all the turns and curves of the cliffs, there came a point while we were driving when I wasn’t sure that lunch was going to stay with me, but it did!  We’re all thankful for that:)!
At the end of it, Aldo (my sweet tour guide) took me to a little store called Fiore, where they not only sell beautiful “capri sandals,” they also make them. So, the cobbler sat there, and made a pair of sandals for me…monogrammed and all! I’ll always have a story when I wear them.
So, there was my adventure for the weekend. A little time in glorious Capri, with my darling husband (he keeps getting hotter, by the way…:-)), meeting some sweet people, eating way too much delicious pasta and pizza, and standing in awe of creation….
How small am I when I stand in the center of it and I look around me.
How humbled and blessed I am to have these moments!


On To The Second Act

posted on: Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Today we put together the first half of the second act.  It’s coming together…already…and very beautifully! I haven’t learned the choreography for “I’m Every Woman” yet (that pain comes tomorrow), so, today, I sat out and watched the cast, and my alternate do the number.  It’s so amazing to watch these beautiful people; everyone is working so hard, putting so much into every move, every line…I know you’ll feel the passion and commitment when you walk into that theater. Everyday, I’m trying to sing at least 5-6 songs so my voice gets used to the stress of all the shows and all the songs! Today, I did the ballads! They are killer: amazing killer songs, and killers to sing!  But I’m getting my stamina up, and figuring out the nuances of each of them…. Speaking of songs…sooooo, what are your favorite songs on Only One In The World? What song(s) do I HAVE to do in my live show (or else you’ll leave)?
What I learned today:
1. I can rest easy knowing you’ll be in great hands with my alternate, Gloria – – yes I’ll still show up for work…maybe
:)!  Joking! Joking!
2. Crème fraîche may sound like “cream” but you shouldn’t put that in coffee! Trust us on this! MD wasn’t happy!
3. This was my favorite: In the tube (train) the automated lady said: “For Hampstead, please ALIGHT at the next stop….” ALIGHT?!  In some other countries (namely mine), the term is “GET OFF!”

Off to bed for me…guess who’s coming to dinner tomorrow…MY HUBBY! YAY!
So, Night, night!

Thank YOU!

posted on: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

You! YOU! (said with my best Deniro imitation)

Thank you for making our first day out there quite exciting!


…I was working on the CD when I was offered The Bodyguard. As I was plotting out what the next year would look like,I remember thinking that the “right” thing to do would be to put everything on hold, and release the CD when I was finished with the show and back in the US.  That would be the easiest, and most normal and conventional way to do it…


Enter My Husband!  After listening to some of the songs in his car (I don’t know how he gets and keeps them all, but he always has a bootleg of every song and demo I do), he called me and said; “I don’t think you should make people wait for two years without any music from you.” “Furthermore,” he said, “I think these songs are good, you should share!” So, after quite a bit of discussion with my amazing team, we decided to do this the unconventional, un-normal, un-easy way…just for YOU!
I knew the challenges would be stacked high: I’m working on The Bodyguard in a different country, and I can’t be there to do the ‘legwork’ baby albums like this need.  But, I really wanted to do this for you all…and I thought that if Mama can’t be around, there aren’t better hands to leave this ‘baby’ in, than the hands of its godmothers and godfathers: YOU!


So, thank you for getting the word out there…thanks for supporting it, and thanks for telling the world about it. PLEASE KEEP DOING SO! I’d love to show the world, that with the right “godparents,” the right team, the right music, and a BIG God – – all things are possible…even promoting an album from a far away land;).
Your love and support are appreciated – – from the depths of my heart.
Heather Headley…

The Only One In The World!

9/11 Remembered

posted on: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

September 11th!


This is a difficult day. On the one hand it’s a day I want to celebrate: it’s my husband’s birthday and I’m so grateful that he’s alive, and he’s mine. But on the other hand, it’s a day filled with pain and a memory we all wish we never had. September 10th, we were innocents. We walked around unaware that danger was only hours away…and then on the morning of September 11th, we became naked, vulnerable…we became familiar with fear and terror. I remember where I was, how I was, why I was where I was – – I think we all do. So today, let us remember the families of all those precious people lost on that day.


We will never forget.


Let us find hope in the strength of character that caused the fire fighters and police men and women to selflessly and bravely swim upstream while every one was running the other way. “No greater love has any man shown than to lay down his life for his friends.”

We will never forget.


Sad to say, the tentacles of that day sting us still. There are rescue workers who are battling lung diseases, cancers, and many other illnesses because when faced with the choice to stay in a toxic environment or leave a brother or sister behind, THEY STAYED! They put their lives, health and futures on the line, to save many.


We thank you and we will never forget.


To the service men and women who were dispatched to all corners of the earth, and continue to fight to secure our freedom and security… we honour you and we will never forget you. And for the rest of us who live a little more cautiously, pained by all that happened that awful day: let us put our trust in God, and ask HIm to protect us and heal our land, so we can live a little more peacefully in the knowledge… that HE will never forget US.


First Day of Rehearsals!

posted on: Monday, September 10th, 2012

Oh! How I’ve missed you all! The past few days have been a whirlwind. We’re settling in well enough, though! Its a beautiful city… And its home for the next few months. We still don’t have cable or Internet power at home, so we’re buying any and everything at Starbucks to borrow their service. With all the money we’ve spent there they should be able to sell $10 coffee for the next ten years ;).

Well, today is the first day of school…rehearsal. I have my new bag, my books (script), my clean clothes, and I’m even being taken to the ‘school door’ by my Big Daddy;). I’m nervous, but blessed, excited, and so very supported by the love and encouragement of so many. The next few weeks are going to be a challenge trying to find the ‘voice’ of Rachel. Her singing voice will sound a lot like mine (sorry about that;)) and my aim is to find who she is in my body! It’s not going to be easy, especially since the body she inhabited before was quite a great

 one;).HHTeam begged me to let you hear a song from the new album and since it’s the first day of rehearsal, I thought it was fitting so here’s a clip of my version of ‘Run To You!’ Click here to listen on YouTube.

Well, Wish me God’s blessings, luck and many ‘theatrical’ broken legs! Here we go…let’s write it…Chapter 22: The Bodyguard!

Only One In The World Album Cover

posted on: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Drum roll please…
Thanks to you, I have a cover for my album and here it is!
Thanks so much for all your feedback on these pictures; the packaging for the CD has come together beautifully (if I can say so myself).  We had a difficult time; the voting was close by the end of the day, but we decided that this cover would be the best for the album. Those of you who voted for the other pictures…, you’ll also be very happy.  Because of your overwhelming responses
to the other two pictures, the packaging was altered to incorporate those images, and the picture that won will be the featured shot on the Website unveiling in a few weeks.
This album was done with each of you in mind, and I’m so glad that you can help us add to it. Thanks so much.
So, here it is…the cover of Only One In The World. 

My “God Story”

posted on: Friday, June 15th, 2012

So, here is my confession: I DID NOT want to get on a plane and fly ANYWHERE this week.  NOPE!  Anyhow, I landed in Bilund, and was driven through the beautiful Danish countryside to Herning.  As I was in the car, God gently opened my eyes, and allowed me a tiny peek into His “video diaries” of my life.  A quick “Heather, wake-up moment!” I need those from time to time.  But, it’s crazy when I think about it…How does a little skinny-legged girl from Barataria, Trinidad end up singing in a sold-out arena with Andrea Bocelli in Herning, Denmark?! How does that happen? I’ll tell ya’! It’s called a God Story! I couldn’t write this script better myself; I’m incapable of doing it!
So, today…today as I board this plane to Malmo, Sweden, I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY to be here!  Grateful for this AMAZING journey that I’ve been on – – all undeserved! So thankful for this gift (the loan, I call it) that I have been placed steward over; I hope that I make God proud with it.  And I’m really honored and excited for a chance to share it and serve these beautiful people over the few nights that I’m here!
and Thanks God, for an AMAZING ride – – I’m excited and (hopefully) ready to see where the next turn takes me! I’m holding on…..

The BodyGuard and New Music Coming…

posted on: Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Hello friends,

In the next few months I’m going to ready myself and my family for the next step in our journey:

My new role as Rachel Marron in
The Bodyguard, A New Musical.

The show opens in the West End of London in December, so we’re packing up and heading over the pond!
The Musical will showcase some of Whitney Houston’s amazing hits, and I have the great honor and challenge of singing many of them. For most of my life, I have been a fan and student of Whitney Houston, and I’m honored and excited, albeit nervous about this new venture. The producers have been working on this show for a few years, and with the passing of Whitney, we all feel a greater responsibility to honor her musical legacy, and I believe we will.

So, I’ll admit it… it’s time that you had some new music from me!
I took two years off to have, and spend time with our son – – and motherhood has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve been working on music, and I’m really excited to announce that my NEW STUDIO ALBUM will be released FALL 2012…Just for you! This will be a group of songs I love: Originals, as well as covers I’ve come to really enjoy performing in my shows. By the time the new album is released, I’ll be leaving the States to begin my run of The Bodyguard in London, so I’ll be depending on you to get the word out.
Over the next few months I’ll give you a few snippets of new music and keep you informed about the progress of the album. So, please sign up on the mailing list for updates. I hope you’ll be with me on this one. I’ll need your prayers, help and support.

So, let’s get ready to start spreading the word!
With love

Marian Anderson and my Great Grandchildren

posted on: Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Back in January of 2009, my manager called me way too excited.  By the tone of his voice, I knew something was up and it was big.  In celebration of America, and in honor of the inauguration of the first African American President, HBO was presenting a concert called We Are One, and they were asking ME to be a part of it. There was one problem, however: I whispered to my manager that I had laryngitis and bronchitis and couldn’t sing a note, and he sweetly told me that was too bad because but I WOULD be singing in a week even if he had to drag me on that stage himself! Well, with the help of my voice doctor, some heavy drugs, and a whole lotta’ prayer, I walked onto the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with just enough voice to get through the song, but not enough to scream my amazement at what I was witnessing. There before me was a sea of 750,000 people standing in the freezing cold – – all there to celebrate the greatness of America. I could cry – – but I had to sing, and sing well….
You see I was aware that back on Easter Sunday, in 1939, Marian Anderson, with perseverance and a belief in a greater cause, had already paved a path for me on those steps.  Ms. Anderson had been denied permission to sing at Constitution Hall because of her race.  Her request to use a white public high school auditorium instead was also declined by the Board of Education in Washington.  But with the help of President and First Lady Roosevelt, it was arranged to have Ms. Anderson present her concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 75,000 people – – of all races – – stood there to hear her (‘couldn’t fit that many in the school gym – – I guess!)!  Ms. Anderson famously began her concert with My Country, Tis of Thee – – the same song I was now going to sing 70 years later.  When she walked onto those steps it was amid controversy and segregation. I was walking there as a beneficiary of her fight and the battles won by so many others. So, there, under the gaze of Mr. Lincoln and on the shoulders of Ms. Anderson and so many others, I sang!

When I’m 98 years old and sitting on my porch or wherever our son decides to put me, my great grandchildren will be running around and the conversation will go like this:

“By the way, do you little stinkers know where I was on Sunday, January 18th 2009”?

“Yes Nana, you’ve told us 515 times!”

“Well, I’m getting ready to tell you for the 516thtime.  I sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for 900 million (the crowd will get bigger over the years) people – – thanks to Marian Anderson. Now go and get me that left over cake…and some iced tea… and my teeth…. and my wig because now I feel pretty and young again…and…what did you mutter under your breath, child….