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Things I Liked About England…

posted on: Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

As my time here in London comes to an end, I’ve found a few things I’ve enjoyed about the city (and this in no way discredits my love for AMERICA, or the fact that America has her own “amazingness” too – – for those of you who need that explanation:)): IMG_2225

  1. 1.  Political Correctness: I have to say that I’ve admired and enjoyed the political timbre of the Brits…at least those I work with.  I do think that as Americans, we can sometimes be way too sensitive.  It seems like we’re forced to tiptoe around everyone and everything. Now, don’t get me twisted on this. I DO NOT believe we should intentionally hurt, discriminate, demean, or bully anyone, but I do think we have the right to disagree or even respectfully address an issue without being called names.  If I disagree with you and you happen to be of a different ethnicity or color, that does not me a racist make? Why can’t a man debate a woman, and not be labeled sexist? If I disagree with the way a person, who happen to be gay, does something, does that really stamp me as being homophobic?  We need to KEEP CALM and get over it.
  2. 2.  The storms: as they have gotten stronger and more violent, I’ve grown more and more frightened of the storms of the Midwest. England doesn’t really get those. For the year I’ve been here, we’ve heard a clap of thunder twice – – and it was so foreign to me I thought it was an explosion somewhere.
  3. 3.  Access to the rest of the world:  a two hour flight from Chicago gets me to New York or Washington – – amazing places, but still in the States (and that’s the beauty of America – – how much there is under the “same roof”). Here, that same flight, or a train ride lands me in Paris, Italy, Scotland. The European world is open to them.
  4. 4.  The crime: it’s sad to say that even from here, I’ve seen the news stories of high crime in my city of Chicago. It’s so sad.  Yes, there’s crime here, but you don’t hear, or see reports about it as much.
  5. The traffic: that’s sarcasm and a joke!IMG_2843
  6. 5.  Interracial relationships: As a member of that community, I’m sometimes still saddened that there are still people who have huge issues with interracial relationships. Now, those people are all over the world, and there are racists EVERYWHERE, however, I’ve enjoyed watching the melting pot of races in London. The other day I saw a Middle Eastern man, with his Asian wife and their amazingly beautiful and exotic child.  Yep, I stared a little – – but out of admiration. It was such a beautiful family.
  7. 6.  The amazing architecture and its history. It was such an amazingly crazy experience heading to “work” and passing Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, The Museums, and Trafalgar Square everyday. I love driving down the street and being inconvenienced by the practice of all the horse guards in their finest regalia walking down the center of the street.
  8. 7.  The beautiful, colorful parks and gardens dotted all over the city. There’s a garden everywhere…you can sit, have a IMG_2509picnic, enjoy the afternoon. It all makes me want to go home and make sure my yard is a haven.
  9. 8.  The rainy weather: another piece of sarcasm… Although the past few weeks I’ve been here, the weather has been glorious… Almost like…Chicago:).

9. The accents:  I will miss hearing the accents. Somehow, that English accent makes even the worst of sentences sound better.  “Sorry, Madam, not only do you have an enormous monstrosity growing out of your forehead, you also have absolutely no sterling in your account, and unfortunately my colleague and I are now forced to arrest you for the flagrant over draft of funds.” Brilliant!

  1. 10.  The cast, crew, theater staff, and the friends we’ve made in and out of the theater.  They’ve all come along side us through out the time here. 

11. My pub next door: love the people… and the fish and chips, and steak and ale pie are worth a trip.  I can’t attest to the drinks as I don’t drink, but the people there seem to be very ‘happy’ :).

12. Croissants. Croissants. Croissaints. God bless that woman and may she be in Heaven for thinking up the croissant.

13. Portobello Road and its Market! Oh the joy that floods my soul when I walk down that street…

  1. 14.  To my husband’s disappointment, I think that London has some of the best shoe and clothing stores I’ve seen in a while;). ’nuff said!


It’s been quite a ride. Quite an interesting, wonderful ride.