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Our Loss; His Gain…My Week

posted on: Monday, April 15th, 2013

Heather_944_1The text from my husband simply said that she “collapsed, and they rushed her to the hospital.” It wasn’t looking good.  He said to pray! I was a few blocks from the apartment, still feeling the adrenaline and exhaustion from the show, but I felt a terrible feeling in my stomach and said a quick prayer. I immediately wrote back: “What happened?” No answer. “TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!” No answer!  I walked through the door…and then he answered.  SHE, my healthy friend, the woman I go to with my questions, the doting mother of four, the beautiful wife, my “Elizabeth” as I call her, was dead.


I broke.

I am broken.


It wasn’t easy being away in London while the world at home was upside down, but my dear cast mates and my dressing team surrounded me, and helped me through a few shows that would prove difficult…but cathartic!

I’m not sure how to handle it all; I really don’t understand why God allows certain things to happen. Why does a woman filled with life, collapse and die? Die…leaving four precious babies without a mommy, and a husband without his soul mate and heartbeat? Trust me, I have questions, but she would tell me that it was part of God’s plan.  She would say that even in my confusion, I should trust Him and not myself or the unbelievable circumstance.


So, now, I’m on the plane heading back to London after the 48-hour weekend whirlwind.  We have to restart life…and without her here.  Over the past weekend, I had some beautiful moments, and yet some incredibly sad ones. I couldn’t imagine that I’d see my sweet friend laying in a casket…with her precious babies running in and out of the room to comfort their amazing daddy, and sneak another peek at their beautiful mommy. The sadness was indescribable. It IS indescribable.  But I had to smile as I watched as hundreds of people wait in line for hours at the visitation and service, all for a chance to join in the chorus of the song we were all singing: “She was an incredible woman. She loved God. She changed my life. She prayed for me. She loved her family. She served her community.” I’m not sure she even knew how many lives she touched.  Yep! That’s my girl, and I am so proud of her!

Somehow, we’ll all get through the coming months and years, and at some point we’ll all cry a little less.  She taught us so much…and in death, she’s teaching me even more. She stamped her household, her friends and her community with the love of God. I’m spurred on to do the same. I am so blessed that I was loved by her. I am honored that she called me a friend. I could not have asked for a better “Elizabeth.”


Sing with the angels sweet girl; I know you are singing so loudly in that choir:-).

We are going to miss you terribly. I already do…but we will all be better because of you.

…And don’t worry – – we’ll look after them.

We thank God for you.

I love you.


Your Mary,