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Life Is A Box Of…

posted on: Friday, February 15th, 2013

So, I walked into this chocolate shop here in London to get a little box of goodies for the Commander to give to his valentine (don’t worry: she’s much older and will be married and into her 50s by the time he hits 25). Anyhow, before I pulled out my credit card, I did my normal question/statement to the clerk: “So…your chocolate is amazing…right?!” The very well dressed English gentleman looked at me, smiled, and then gave me a short history on the shop. It was the oldest chocolatier in England; only the best and most pure ingredients were used in this chocolate…this, that, blah, blah (roll my eyes)… but then the kicker came: “The Queen has endorsed our chocolate.” He then showed me a letter from the Palace proudly displayed above the counter.  ‘Nuff said! He offered me a truffle, but I didn’t need to taste it – – “give it to me! I’ll take a box!” I said. The Queen thinks it’s good – – that’s enough for me!

I did laugh to myself as I left the shop. Whether Her Royal Highness has even tasted the chocolate – – who knows – – but her “endorsement” got money out of me…quickly! The seal of approval was all I needed.

It got me thinking….

  • God, The KING Himself, has a seal over my head and will gladly tell the world that I am His
  • He thinks I’m His little girl (even when I don’t behave like I am)
  • The King loves me (even when I don’t deserve it)

So, why isn’t that good enough for me at times? Why can’t I always leave the Shop of Life, with its box of chocolates, and think…it is well and I’m okay; HE loves me and thinks I’m great, so all is well?

Why can’t I extend that same gift to others at times?

He says we’re His! We belong to a King. And He endorsed, and continues to show His love for us with much more…a whole lot more than a quick “taste” and a letter.

So, we’re good enough, we’re beautiful (we’re definitely eons better than the world’s best chocolate:-)), we’re loved, we’re HIS!

And I’m going to treat myself…and you as such;-).