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My “God Story”

posted on: Friday, June 15th, 2012

So, here is my confession: I DID NOT want to get on a plane and fly ANYWHERE this week.  NOPE!  Anyhow, I landed in Bilund, and was driven through the beautiful Danish countryside to Herning.  As I was in the car, God gently opened my eyes, and allowed me a tiny peek into His “video diaries” of my life.  A quick “Heather, wake-up moment!” I need those from time to time.  But, it’s crazy when I think about it…How does a little skinny-legged girl from Barataria, Trinidad end up singing in a sold-out arena with Andrea Bocelli in Herning, Denmark?! How does that happen? I’ll tell ya’! It’s called a God Story! I couldn’t write this script better myself; I’m incapable of doing it!
So, today…today as I board this plane to Malmo, Sweden, I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY to be here!  Grateful for this AMAZING journey that I’ve been on – – all undeserved! So thankful for this gift (the loan, I call it) that I have been placed steward over; I hope that I make God proud with it.  And I’m really honored and excited for a chance to share it and serve these beautiful people over the few nights that I’m here!
and Thanks God, for an AMAZING ride – – I’m excited and (hopefully) ready to see where the next turn takes me! I’m holding on…..