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The Month Ahead…

posted on: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. There’s so much to be grateful for – – the list is long, and God knows I shouldn’t need a day to remember that, but it’s good to have it. The food was excellent. I think it’ll take me months to work off the mac and cheese, but it was worth it. My girlfriend (who shall remain nameless) is very bitter and jealous because she doesn’t think that her mother-in-love is as good a cook as mine. And she’s RIGHT! So, in my sweetness, I sent her a picture of the spread, my plate and me eating. She said some bad things to me – – some really bad things – – but I think we’re still friends, at least until the Christmas dinner.

The next few weeks are going to be tough. I’m away from home quite a bit and I’m already missing my “boys.” I start the Andrea Bocelli tour in Ohio (on my son’s birthday, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy) and we end in Los Angeles. It’s going to be hectic, but we can handle it and it’ll be fun. If you think of me, pray for health, protection, safe travel and stamina. I will be trying my best to upload a few shots and behind-the-scenes moments for all of you, so check in to find them. Yes! Yes! I promise I’ll remember to do it.

I end my holiday performance schedule in Trinidad. I’m so excited and nervous about this one. Ahhh! It’s always so sentimental and nostalgic just landing on the island. I feel the breeze, and it brings with it so many sweet memories of my childhood and life there. I was asked to do a private concert for British Gas to benefit the United Way on the island – – A foundation that needs all the help we can give it. Anyhow, they’ve released a few tickets to the public (so for the Trinis reading this, grab them if you still can), but it’s mostly a private affair. It’s been a while since I’ve been to or performed in Trinidad, and this one will be different. So, I’ve placed quite a bit of pressure on myself and everyone with me. But the band and all involved have stepped up to the challenge, and are proving themselves more than capable to tackle all that I’ve thrown at them. The show is going to be a mix of all the music I enjoy, and I’m excited to sing some songs I don’t normally have a chance to perform. I’m also going to be joined by some phenomenal local talent (I’d like to surprise you, so no names just yet), who are going to show why Trinidad is just a haven for talent. I need to get myself together so I can keep up. I’m so excited.