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I Was Thinking….

posted on: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The days were glorious here in Chicago. GLORIOUS! For nine days in a row, it was 75-80 degrees in Chicago in OCTOBER! We were all outside in shorts, and t-shirts, playing at the park, frolicking in the meadows – – well I’m not sure about the frolicking and the meadows, but we were pretending it was still summer.  It’s all over now, though.  I think Fall has officially moved in, however. Rumor has it that the winter ahead of us is going to be the worst EVER! A meteorologist here said that it will be the kind of winter that makes you wants to leave town. You don’t have to tell me that twice – – I’m booking flights now….

A few friends invited me to attend a weekly women’s fellowship here in town and I’ve truly enjoyed spending a few hours with these amazing, beautiful and inspiring women. Every week we come together, listen to a speaker, and then break into smaller groups where we discuss the weekly lesson and share what’s going on in our lives. Sometimes we get caught up in what’s going on behind our own doors and forget that there are people among us – – people of all walks of life who are going through some trying seasons. Every week I hear another heart breaking story of a woman battling some form of cancer (isn’t cancer tired yet? Why doesn’t it take a break!). There are women trying to save their marriages and love their husbands despite the reality they know. There are ladies, who are in great love relationships and are staying strong, depending on God and adjusting as the family deals with growing children, job loss, or other life changes. And the stories go on…. I know one day I may be in my own season, and I do hope that I can show the same strength, faith and determination I see every week in those ladies.  I know God helps and provides peace and love in our storms – – but it’s still tough.  Women are amazing, though! My mother was and is a great example of that. In the toughest season of our family’s life, she had to take the reins and she got us through.

With that said… I thank God for health. I thank Him for the health of my family – – all of them. I thank Him for an amazing husband who continues to be a dream come true; a girl couldn’t ask for a better guy. I’m grateful for all I have and for this season in my life.  It’s not always sunny – – every now and then a cloud may pass by, but I can’t discount the fact that even on the rainy days, life has been a blessing.

Let’s pray for each other.