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No Sing Mama

posted on: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

It’s turning out to be a busy Fall for me. Now that I can see it all scheduled on the calendar – – I’m thinking there’s going to be quite a bit of running around. It’s good, however, and it will be fun.

The summer has had its highs and lows. Travelling, weighing decisions, begging God for direction, asking friends for advice…I’ve been tired, yet really excited. Disappointed, incredibly sad at times – – but at (so many) other moments overly excited, humbled, and encouraged. God continues to show me that He’s much smarter and bigger than I am, and He can do ALL things – – even things I didn’t know existed or were possible ☺. So, I can’t complain.

Because of my schedule and some other things that have been going on (I’ll have to tell you about that later), I haven’t been recording as much, but, I’m getting ready to get back in there (I promise) – – making the Fall and beginning of the year even more busy. So, speaking of singing…

Our sweet boy enjoys music and loves to listen to his CDs in the car. My husband and I will both admit that we’re getting a little tired of hearing them, but we adore him and we love hearing him sing along, so we bear through it. I’ve always sung around our son, but I thought that maybe it was time to really start introducing him to his “mama.” There’s just one problem, however: He hates my singing. I do solo numbers for him, I try to sing along with his CDs, I do voices, I try riffs, I sing high and low, and still he says ”Mama, no sing” to me. I play the piano for him, and he closes the piano cover on me preferring to hear himself drum the keys before he listens to my rendition of Fur Elise. I’ve pulled up CDs, videos – – I even brought out the scenes I did with Elmo, thinking ‘now, he’ll have some respect for my singing’…nothing! KIDS! I may need therapy for this one. For my whole life, people have asked me to sing, then along comes my child who is constantly begging me to be quiet – – and, I’ll admit, it tickles me. He does allow me to sing to him before he goes to bed at night, however, and those are the best moments. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. So, Mama will gladly be quiet…until then.