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posted on: Friday, July 8th, 2011

So, a friend of mine told me that I should pick up this book …One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Mrs. Voskamp (and she is not alone) believes that giving thanks for all things and in all situations grows us in more ways than we know. Thanks. Gratitude. No matter what. The author keeps a journal of 1000 things she wants to thank God for – – from the simple things like rain outside her window to the biggest of blessings. So, the book has me thinking…thanking….

I was with a woman a while back whose sister was battling cancer and I asked her how she was doing. She said her sister was having a tough time (as was expected), but was thankful for the cancer. Thankful for the CANCER? What?!?! She told me that through her cancer experience, her sister got closer to God, found a renewed appreciation and love for her family, and started noticing things in nature, around her and in her that she hadn’t before. It got me thinking…can I be thankful for the “not-so-thankful-things” in my life. It’s easy to thank God for my husband, and our son, and work, and my life…. But how can I be thankful when I walk out of Whole Foods to find that someone has rammed into my car and run off without leaving a note, but gifting me with quite a bill at the repair shop? Am I still supposed to be thankful when a policeman, oh-so-sweetly, gives me a ticket for sliding through the stop sign during a BLIZZARD? Can I be thankful for the difficult phone call I had to endure, the hurt I experience, the disappointment I feel? I have to try. Gratitude brings us closer to God. It makes us better people. Happier people.
So I begin…thanking:

  1. For a garden of beautiful flowers, and the nails to itch the mosquito bites I got working in that garden. It’s the best “itch” in the world, isn’t it!
  2. The sounds of a precious little boy waking up ready to tackle the world
  3. Warm comfortable beds
  4. Good husband waking early for work
  5. Good God awake all night working
  6. Amazing people who love me no matter what
  7. You
  8. The post lady walking up the driveway with her headphones on and the garbage collector dutifully picking up our “remains” with his headphones on.
  9. For the fact that I have a car, and found a really great body shop that made it all new again.
  10. Good insurance companies who pay those repairmen.
  11. That no one was walking or driving through the intersection when I slid through that stop sign.
  12. The opportunity to be thankful…